Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dear survival

I was Catherine Earnshaw.
I made myself Catherine Linton.
I crave but should not be Catherine Heathcliff.

(And the things I say many cannot understand)

= =

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Good times, good times~

You know the time in your life where you ave good friends and you consider good friends as awesome people....And then one fine day, they just pus you aside....They act like you are nobody...They show like they just don't wanna have anything to do with you anymore, then you get paranoid, so you start shooting everything and every word with a sorry...But it becomes worse somehow, and you get ignored even more.....Then you end up talking to yourself, feeling unawesome, then asking yourself what went wrong, but you cannot say sorry anymore, cause you never got any explanation from the last ''sorry's''......So you just end up alone, looking at your old friend, whom you are not so sure is or is not your friend now, and at some time get angry, then again you know there's n use.....Now, you just wonder what will ahppen o the next friend you are going to meet, how much of a friend he/she will be, then you wil remember that old friend, then you get hurt....Yeahhhh~ Remember that???? Oh life~ =)

Friday, September 16, 2011

World Wisdom.

The world can try to convince me that God's creations are not trustworthy: though made by the Most Perfect and made in the image of The Most Perfect.
I will not fall. God made them for reasons He know, and I trust Him. If He can love them, so can I. If love needs trusting. I will trust.

I will not fall like most adults of the world have, to the deceptive idea of how selfish Gods' creations should be.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hugs for Yua

Poor little Yua, the lonely wolf
Gave her all to one, and resulted it all with none.
Poor little Yua, she has always been ignored
Though so much she always gave, it always left her sore.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chapter 1

"Blasted bitch. GO AWAY YUA! I can't do anything for you!" shouted the man in rags as he stomped through the muddy puddles away from the shadows. Few paces past and he felt insecure. He turns back to stare into the shadows as his body shivered, whispering "Don't come near me."
He paced faster ahead determined to get the buzzing guilt away from his head and heart. To where he was going, he did not know and has no idea. He only needed to get away from Yua.
The night was cold and it was drizzling. Tucking his hands into his what-was-left-of-it pocket, his mind forced ignorance of the presence he knew was following and stalking him. Yet, it was all in vain, his head buzzed even louder and in his condition where he has not had a decent meal in 3 days, it was unbearable. He needed food. He needed rest. He needed space (or maybe he had that too much). He never really understood what he needed. A vagabond was all he is and was; he needed almost everything.
Reaching a deserted alley, he saw a dry spot he could rest for the night. There were some newspapers around as well. Though some were damp, they were enough to psychologically satisfy him. Yua wouldn't be around him to warm him up anymore; or at least he wouldn't want her around. He grabbed the newspapers and sat on the dry spot. He was sheltered by the roofs to the building he was leaning against, and was thankful for ending his 'travels' there. Turning to his sides, he heaved a heavy sigh and prayed to have lost Yua once and for all.
After reading the newspapers and saw there was no sign of her around, he laid down on the hard ground. He was thankful that he managed to have lost her even though that meant losing his 'pillow'. A second of peace was all that was needed by the man to fall into deep sleep. However, no matter how much sleep or rest his body craved for, the need was not as great as his paranoid conscience to lose Yua.
Opening his blood shot eyes and staring into the darkness, dimly lit by moonlight. Figures and silhouettes of what may or may not be there played with his vision. His eyes were heavy but his heart raced. Nothing was right. He couldn't try fixing it. He did not want to. Maybe he does, but he can't. He was too tired.
The sound of rippled puddles reached the mans' ear. His fears became greater than ever, and a few steps away from him, there were eyes reflecting the moons rays. He became nervous and started crying. Cradling his body in his arms and pressing himself against the stone cold wall, he shivered and cried, "Go away Yua. Please, I have nothing to give you."
It was a quiet night and the sobs of the poor man were the only thing one can hear. Yua took a few steps closer and was soon under the moonlight. The vagabond, cried harder after taking a glance at her. Her white fur was as pure and as beautiful as he could have ever imagined. Her once steady eyes were now filled with sorrow. Her white paws were dirtied due to the chase for her master. It was a painful sight to see for the man, and he closed his eyes even tighter.
He felt her muzzle warming his hand as she licked it, and though it felt good, his own grief stabbed him painfully. "Go Yua! Go!! Stupid wolf! Someone else can take care of you! Not me!" shouted the man as he shoved her roughly away. "I love having you around too, but I can't provide you anything. Leave me alone Yua. I do not deserve you."
Yua stared at the man, and the man sobbed even harder. Shuffled steps were heard and the man felt an absence to the presence that was once there. He opened his bloodshot eyes and saw her tail vanish into the darkness. "You were my treasure Yua. I'm sorry."