Thursday, June 21, 2012


"Go on Derek!"
"Jemimah, I've only said it for fun."
"...Do you want to take back your words then?"
"No! I was just jokin..."
"Then touch it!"
He looked around to see a sea of faces, weaved with various emotions. Kimbly had disgust on his face, Terra was eager and anxious, while the rest were either restless or not bothered. He looked at the cockroach in the bottle and gulped. Why was he so afraid? It wasn't as if he needed to eat it, he only needed to touch it. All the bravery just to prove to the girl he has favoured for 3 years, that he was not a cripple; no matter how loud the clanging is from his 'leg'. She was not mean, nor was she trying to be mean. She herself was laughing and softly persuading him to just walk away. Yet, no; this is another chance for him to prove to himself as well that he can do more than to fear of being less than a boy.
He opened the cap, and everybody backed away. The smell was horrid and the stench from the insect was intolerable. He closed his eyes and placed his hand into the jar.


"What have you to say for yourself Derek?" asked the middle aged lady.
Derek had nothing to say. He did not mean any of it to happen. He didn't intend to make all the girls scream ad run outside the class; neither was he trying to get the other boys to climb chairs just to capture the insect (they too were in trouble but, Derek was named to be the source of the problem).
"You are already 13 years old. You cannot afford to play such tricks anymore, do you understand?" Mrs Li sighed as she sat down. "You can go, please call Roy in. You learn from him as well that no boy can jump from table to table for an insect."
"Yes ma'am" answered the boy and he did what he was told. Walking out of the office, he saw Jemimah with  a sympathetic face. He was no where near a man for he did not manage to touch the insect, and he got into trouble with the headmistress.
"I'm sorry Derek for challenging you to it: even though you yourself already insisted since the beginning that you would touch it regardless of anyone stopping you, which made me think I was doing the right thing by encouraging you, but OH WELL..." Jemimah ranted as she always has. That was what that made Jemimah special. She says what she means and she means what she says. That was why, no matter how her non-verbal cues may contradict what she says, one would know where she stood. However because of that, most people find it hard to like her. They needed more than her words, they needed to see her emotions in her words. This she has learned in time to just ignore them entirely and to her it was no loss if someone does not befriend her for not trusting her. All she needed was just a friend who can understand and trust her: Derek.
"Its recess, let me buy you that sandwich you like so much; it's your comfort food, I know." she said with a smile as she faced the canteen and walked on.
Yes it is, thank you.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jemimah and Derek were best of friends.

Jemimah was never so different from any of us. "Derek you are despicable. You are 5 minutes late!"
"Jemimah! You know I cant walk as well as you do! All I have is a long tin can for a leg. Do try and understand."
"Shame on you for such excuses! If you knew you have a problem, you should have done something about it. You could have started coming here a few minutes earlier!" nagged the 10 year old, while her companion took her words to heart.
With her back in front of the poor spectacled boy, she stomped and climbed her way up the hill. Derek could only continue to make sure he doesn't upset her anymore and to concentrate to make all his steps sure, steady and perfect; so that he would be able to cope with the dynamic little lass that he has a liking for.
"Er...Jemimah, I don't think I could get pass those rocks. This leg I have cant seem to be able to give a step that far."
"Well, that's why I'm here to help you Derek," she suggested with a smile as she handed out her hand to him. With a pull and a push, they got passed the obstacle in no time, and soon, they found themselves where they were headed to. Derek gave a soft sigh in awe at what he saw. It was as what Jemimah described. The spot at where they sat was as if they were at the edge of the world.
CLANG! went his tin leg and he sighed once more. Turning to see the sunset and then to Jemimah's focused face, he felt sorry for himself. If nature was made to be naturally beautiful, he has lost a part of his beauty and his handsomeness with the loss of his leg. What more to mock his God-blessed body with a man-made instrument, which taints the entire image of a child made by the Creator.
"Derek, stop looking at your legs. They won't disappear but this sun set will," smiled the girl and then turning back to the sky.
No, they won't disappear.

Monday, June 18, 2012

For the moment purposes.


                                             CONFUSION~ AND YET, THERE'S A STAND!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Best left alone for a reason, than left for none.

"You alone can make my song take flight,
it's over now the music of the night"