Friday, December 28, 2012


I actually like my blog... =) It's very.... ME! XD

Someone once asked me, "How did you feel after going back home?"

I found it very hard to answer. But this Christmas, I've been gifted with an answer.

With so much love from those expected and unexpected, I've found feelings to be a tremendous blessing this Christmas.

Thank you...from every Hug, every Kiss (Only Dear ol' Theresa.... = =), every jeer, every food, every present, every greeting, every smile, every fight... Thank God He understood what I wanted though they have not been much of needs. X)

Thank you,


Aunty Peh Lan, Doreen, (Jonathan's mum insert here), Meow Nee, JOAN! XD, Chiam, Mei Ling, (Jui Shan's mum insert here), Saw Cheng!!!, Amelia!!!, (Aaron's mum insert here), (Who else could I have forgotten????)

Uncle Yeang Boon, Koay, Thiam Hock, Dr. Lee (XP), (Insert Sam's dad here), (Who else could I have forgotten????)

Cheeng, Joce, Sarn, Dodie~ =D

Samantha, Eunice, Zanne, Yi En, Evening, Yu Fei, Hannah, THERESA!, Alyssa, Tracy, Angel, Cheng Yu, SU YEN!!!, Elyna, Yen Yi, (Who else could I have forgotten????)

DanT, Tim, Foo, Hong, Aaron, Su Jian, Moti, Desmond, Isaac, Jonathan, Calvin, Kelvin (interesting fella... XP), Edward!, AhYao, (Who else am I missing????)

Mocha, SweetiePieSweetSugarDumplingLoveyDovey, 3 chickens! =D

With love from Alor Setar.

Thursday, December 27, 2012


With the stitches still in, and still immature to remove, I will continue living!

Dear dream mistress (who has been waiting for me),

I have found myself today; back in the comfort of anger and frustration and loneliness (which in the end I find joy, peace and company ^^).
I however have reached an obstacle of not understanding how to deal with some people who works SO BLOODY HARD to be around me and talk to me. As for God, I want Him around, and that's pretty much It.

Sincerely and taking my sweetest of time,

Monday, December 10, 2012


It was the last stitch... WHEN:

I, however, managed....

When only have I realised my relief was too soon:


I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. [2 Timothy 4:7]




And my generation has learnt to forget that they can die tomorrow.