Thursday, July 11, 2013

It's just too Bad.

I drew a few things Im proud of recently. Good to know that many hours of not paying attention in class still gives me an extra thing or two in life. ^^

I know I can draw.
I know I can act.
I know I can't dance.
I know I'm not always nice.

To know oneself is I'm sure something we all must achieve. By knowing, you recognise situations you can keep yourself to or avoid.

'Bagai tikus membaiki labu' is a very real phrase to me. I hate knowing that I am capable of destroying something people put so much effort in to built. People just like to see you try what they are good at, while they work their magic, and in the end the product is not the best that it can be. It makes no sense to me. They are good at something else. Take advantage of that.

Thursday, July 4, 2013


PHUUUUUUU! Fly fly away dusts! Phuu!


There was a time when I didn't know who I was. When I was not aware that I was still being moulded than already made.

Then came the time when I realise I was and am still being moulded and is expected to continue changing.

Then I fell upon the time when I look back at the start of my existence to find I was never meant to be whole, BUT I can be.

Then so the time I want to be more than who I was, I wanted to be what I can be.

To only find myself in Mental Health lecture, realising the many symptoms I have had to confirm myself having problems which till today I can understand. People say "We can't understand why they do that but it is painful''. I say "Yes, it is painful, but yes, I can understand."

If you need help, please look for me. If you need me, come. If you are going through this, meet me.
I cannot keep your secret with me. For your health's sake, I must tell others.