Sunday, June 29, 2014

A list from the memory; Not necessarily the heart

Having a friend is...

To ask for a piece of tissue but you are given a whole pack. Once you finish it, he/she looks at your empty tissue packet in concern and say "I have no more tissues. How now?"

To ask in the morning groggily if you'd have time for milo, then he/she makes a cup. After being busy for an hour, you scowl 'who made the cup of milo and not drink it?' and he/she says it was made for you.

To have he/she come over to meet you asking about you in relation to your blogpost. ;) And not unecessarily pushing it further when you say "Just venting".

To have he/she immediately pm you out of concern over a 'vent' post.

To have he/she buy you newspaper after you cry for an hour plus and you boarded the bus preparing for a 4 hours long journey.

To have he/she call you for minutes long during the times you are far away from home and crying was apart of your schedule.

To have he/she give you that awkward shoulder hug after a month of not seeing you.

To have he/she buy you soup with beehun with sliced ginger with seaweed with vege and fish, when you are sick...and antelope tea.

To have he/she buy you herbal tea egg, just cause he/she knows you like hard boiled eggs.

To in the end, remember that God has shown His love through them and you have no choice but to keep up with it, cause you were made to be just as good and/or even better!

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