Monday, July 30, 2018

The day when~

I am more afraid of losing you than losing my sanity

Sunday, February 11, 2018


Because when I ask just before you sleep if I can share with you a joke; you didn't stop me.



Monday, February 5, 2018

More.... Not Equally... It has to be more....

There are some days when I have to remind myself that there is something more important than my patients life...

And that would be mine.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Why you laugh like that?

"UhOh... Both hands carrying things. You want pass to me the other one?''
"Why o? *passing items*"
"Then can hold hands"


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Only With God



If I had the time to doodle, I would.
If I had the will to write, I would.
Im glad to have both time and willingness to love you.
Thank you.


Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Gala

There I saw him, with streams of tears down his handsome face. His waillings could not seem to stop and I was at a lost for any action or word of comfort. I sat down and watch the poor man with blood on his hands staining the white sleeves on his shoulders. Once in a while he shudders because of the cold wind air but yet, his buckling knees still kept him on the ground.
A sound of greased gears suddenly sounded, and I looked from where it came from. It was a man with a grin from ear to ear. I hugged myself as I watched him cycle closer until he reached in between the former man and me. The cyclist stopped and stared at the sobbing young man and without another sound, took a lamp from his pocket. Through his gestures, I could tell he was trying very hard to offer what was in the lamp, but the crying man did nothing more than digging his fingers onto his own shoulders. The man, smilingly nudged him but the more he tried, the louder the man cried. It was not long before the cyclist turn around still smiling, and saw me not far from where he was. He shrugged and I saw a drop of oil from the lamp he carried. I raised my eyebrows in confusion since I wanted to have nothing to do with either of them and stared another way. He came by soon enough and as he placed his hands into his jacket, he took out a stalk of what was a rose with grease all over. I willingly put out my hand to receive it to find the flower much more greasy than I expected it to be. The cyclist did nothing more but wave good-bye and continued to cycle away smilingly.
A sudden piercing cry was heard, and my attention went back to the pitiful man before the cyclist. Still with his depressed movements, I leaned my head against the rock next to me and sighed. It was a beautiful yet painful sight. Not long after I heard cackles of laughter. I turned to my left to see a group of children running after one another. As I watched them, I wanted to run too, but as my feet got me up, I noticed they had no faces. I watched in disbelief and wondered where the laughter was coming from if it was not from them. Despite the peculiarity, I know that they were enjoying themselves, over what I did not know. The dark haired girl was jumping and tugging the girl in a red shirt, while the short haired girl danced a very clumsy ballet and yet still bowed after every few seconds. The laughter got louder as they approached closer, and that was when I felt great thumps vibrating through the ground. My fist clenched onto the rose I accepted earlier and it even felt greasier. Preparing myself to run, I worried for the sad man and I look across the floor to him. To my surprise, he was not ready to protect himself as I was, Instead I saw his gaping mouth in what looks like an effort to cry or scream even louder than he has been doing. The thumping became greater and I was lost in my actions and thoughts, the laughter was so loud now that I felt as if I was going to lose my hearing. I stood my ground and insisted to myself that I would save the man before whatever was coming were to kill us. Just as I was about to sprint, I saw the origin of the laughter and the thumping. My senses were confused and my brain tried to reason what was happening. It was a teddy bear being pulled by the girl in a red shirt and at every rock it hits, the thumps came through. On the bear was what looked like a little speaker emitting sounds of laughter that coincides very well with the actions of the three girls. She kept pulling the string tied to the collar of her toy and within a short while, I saw the string thin string snap. Quietness conquered the atmosphere once again and I calmed myself down by sitting where I was before. My breaths, I was aware, were deep and my heart raced when I saw the owner of the toy run with tiny steps to the left behind object. As she ran, her hands brushed the crying man, who was then biting his lips and allowing little drips of blood roll down from his chin. She stopped at her tracks and knelt down trying to feel for her teddy bear. My weak mind and body could not bring me to help her and I was glad that she eventually found it through her touch. At her holding the bear, laughter resounded again and as it was before, it was loud. However, instead of running off with her two other friends, she placed the toy behind her and with fumbled steps ran towards her companions to disappear into the mist.
THUMP! went the bear as it fell onto it's back in front of the crying man. He saw the toy and cringed even more. This time his face was hidden behind his curtain of unruly hair, and all my weak soul could do was to watch him in pity.


Monday, June 30, 2014


One of the most relieving sentence I've ever heard was from my lecturer:

"You are blunt and sometimes people find it offensive, not that it matters to us cause we all know you"