Monday, August 6, 2012

Thursday, August 2, 2012


"HOODS!!! HOOODS!!! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODS!!!" the man hooted from across the road. I remembered being gifted my first very own hood. The honorary gift, could have never meant so much if without the blessing from my own loved ones.
"CHEERS TO THE LADY!" I remembered the howl from a dearly beloved relative. It was an occasion and celebration branded to my existence! The day I'm to be introduced into the world as an unattached individual! The hood was placed and clipped to my cloak that morning, and I was seen by all an equal to the respected race of humankind. It was glorious. My effort in listening and heeding advices have all paid off. Friends then have told me advices were leashes, leashing you from what you can be. I paid them no attention. I am now successful. They now can laugh at how silly a fool they are! NO HOODS! NO ONE TO BESTOW THEM THE HONOUR! One cant buy their own hoods! Uncertified it will be and hence disgusted by the people if done.
Now I walk, with my head among the rest of the respected and admired. I am one with them as they are united with my existence. Smiling underneath my hood, I looked up to see a girl, walking against the flow of people on the pathway. She was ugly. As ugly as any young one can be. Disgraceful to the society, and as would many of the elders know, a shame to her family. No mask. No hood. Nothing to make her beautiful.
Whispers and murmurs started filling my ears with their sounds of jeers and shame. My eyes saw all of us humans making way for this 'beastly creature' as she walked passed. I myself too shrouded under my cape, shielding my physical senses away from her, to only hear, "Dextrina? Is that you?" If the sun was bright enough and if the sense of sight of a human were as right as they were made to be: it was an easy indication to my paled face, and cold lips mumbling for help.
I'm not satisfied yet. To speak to this hideous being when I've only attained my hood last week, was impertinent. I will not steep so low and yet, I was frozen. "Dextrina! Your hood! You must be very happy!" I heard her voice melodiously sounding. Such joy dancing in the tone of her voice, such a stealthy act into attaining happiness: How naive. From under my hood, I saw her feet coming closer to mine, and I could sense her smile, pouring 'gladness' all over my being which I so painfully accept of my bodily existence.
"Have you become deaf Dex? Has anyone abused you?"
My heart couldn't take it, she was too close. I was closing into a wall behind my back, while all else who was normal couldn't come to my aid. I understood their positions, and couldn't blame them but I had to take action before my hood gets stripped away.
"YOU! YOU HAVE ABUSED ME! MY IMAGE! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!" I shouted and wailed as I ran from the scene. Shouts of victory echoed within the walls and I can imagine that that thing still holding her head up high and pitying the world. When the world pities her. Such ugliness I have not seen for so long. I have always been separated from those brute uncharacterised profiles in bodies. Leashes they call the words of the elders? SERVES THEM RIGHT! SERVES HER RIGHT! HIDEOUS CREATURES! INHUMANE IMAGES! SHAME SHAME SHAME!
Arriving by the river, I bent over and touched my hood. The security in it, and watching masked people pass by was heart warming. Unconsciously, the slip of my hand gave way my hood to a reflection on the water: my face. I was curious to see me! Yes! I was! It wasn't an unconscious act! No it wasn't! SHAME SHAME SHAME! SUCH SIN! SUCH A GHASTLY FACE WHAT WAS I TO SEE?! If my loved ones knew! Oh, they would've ripped my cape and glory from me. What will I have left for this soul? Ghastly. I will not see that painful image ever again. DISCIPLINE: AS THOUGHT BY THE ELDERS! DISCIPLINE! WISDOM! YES! WISDOM! I will not falter to the shallow ranks of the naive and ignorant. My hood is my all as everyone's else is their everything.